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Techniques in Dog Leash Training

Training your dog to get used to wearing a leash may take some time. They might get irritated the first time you pull and tug them. Here are some techniques that you can follow to leash train your dog with ease.

1. Start Early
It is recommended to start the dog leash training during the puppy days of your dog. Attach a lighweight leash to your puppy’s collar whenever you go outside. As days go by, drop the leash and let the puppy drag it around. If you do this several times, you will observe that your puppy won’t notice the leash attached to his collar anymore.

2. Hold The Leash Properly
The manner on how you hold the leash also matters in dog leash training. You should hold this tool with both hands to control your pet. One is on the loop while the other holds the leash about halfway to your pet’s neck. You can easily maneuver the direction where you dog is heading if you hold him this way.

3. Divert His Attention
At times when your dog gets too defiant whenever he wears the leash, never yell at him. Instead, give him treats to eat or dog toys to play. This is a good trick to divert his attention and maintain control.

4. Reward Your Dog
When it comes to training your dog to walk on a leash, never ever pull your dog for it might irritate him. Just walk with your dog and give him enough freedom as much as possible. But as your dog begins to walk in a different direction, that’s the only time you should make a little tug. Reward your dog everytime he follows you.

5. Good Communication Matters
Dog leash training can only be successful if you command your dog properly. Good communication is also very important. As in other forms of dog training, it is essential that you build a strong bond with your canine pet. If your dog trusts you, he will follow you. But in cases where the dog becomes too defiant, dog leash serves a great purpose to correct your dog’s behaviour.

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