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Home Alone Dogs

It is a bit much of a hassle to have your dog tagged along with you wherever you go. It may be your best friend to protect you from evil doers but most places really do not allow dogs in public places. So other than making your dog a jogging companion every morning, it would probably be best to stay that way.

Since most dogs are left at home, chances are, you don’t know what may run on their heads. You don’t want to be surprised that your home transformed from cozy to crazy right? Just like babysitting, your dog may be comfortable with other people like your neighbor or a friend you can call to come over. Instead of leaving them alone, you can ask others a favor of watching them for you while you’re away.

Dogs can be trained and disciplined. Perhaps part of dog training is removing from them the habit of destroying things. Expose your dog in a healthy environment especially while inside the home so that it would have a head start on what and what not to do inside the home.

If you don’t trust your dog that much, you can let the dog stay in dog pens or in his own little wood dog house. This way, it would be protected from those outside and vise versa. Still, having someone to come over and check how your dog is doing will be much advisable.

Wherever in the home you plan to leave your dog; indoor or outdoor, provide a place where it can rest. Just like leaving a kid to play in a pen. Eventually, you’ll find them fast asleep, tried from all the playful work they did to entertain themselves.

Dogs have emotions too. Don’t just leave them behind easily. It would be best to spend some time with them first before you leave them. Upon arriving share some extra time with them again to create that bond. It is in this way that your dog will be obedient to you and expect to have less damage inside your home.

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