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Healthy, Happy Dogs - Some Health Training Tips for Owners

If you're an ordinary person who loves dogs and has one or would like to have one, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of information on dog ownership, training and nutrition available to you online and elsewhere.

A well trained and healthy dog is one of life's great pleasures. In fact, after family and friends, dogs are the most important creatures in our lives In fact, dogs are our best friends! My family always had dogs when I was a kid; I remember them all well. One of my childhood's saddest memories was when our corgi Taffy, a pretty fiery little fellow, got run over on Guy Fawke's Nite. My father and I tended to his injuries, but he died from them.

The point is that dogs may not be human, but they may as well be, for the emotions they arouse and the love and devotion they give us if they are well treated. Don't they deserve the best we can give them?

Some of the things I believe everyone who has a dog should understand are very simple to apply to ensure you have a healthy, well-trained dog who loves you and will be your best friend for life:

#1. Treat your dog as you would treat any other member of your family; dogs respond to love, care and attention just like the rest of us. Our Marty is a Shitszu-Fox terrier cross, absolutely adorable, and the poor little bloke gets hugs and kisses all day long. He sleeps on our bed!

#2. Be sure your dog knows who's boss: be firm but not physical. Dogs are like children - they need to know limits but they do not respond well to physical violence. In fact, Marty as a puppy received (unknown to us at the time) some very rough treatment from a dog groomer we took him to. He still reacts if we try to trim his feet.

#3. Feed your dog food that it likes to eat but is also good for it. There are plenty of dog foods available but make sure the one you choose for your dog is as natural as possible and not full of preservatives or additives that can and do cause ailments such as cancer. We have recently carried out an exercise in comparing dog foods, and the results were pretty bad. Good food is more expensive, but generally you need less of it, and its certainly better for the dog.

#4. Exercise your dog according to its needs. A big dog requires big exercise, a smaller one not so much. Exercise will enable your dog to burn off the energy they will otherwise spend on things they shouldn't. We find with Marty that, if we can't get him out for a walk, throwing and getting him to return a tennis ball gives him plenty of exercise. (He also tends to hoon around when the mood takes him ,which cracks us up!)

#5. Do not leave your dog at home all day alone. Dogs are social animals and need your company. On their own they get frustrated and bored (just as humans do). We take Marty where we can. Be very careful, though, that you don't leave your dog in a car for long in summer - they get heat-stressed very easily and can really suffer.

Some easy things I recommend you do for your dog (and you!):

Start training and good eating habits early! Take your puppy to a training school for basic tips and socialisation with other dogs and humans. Basic commands such as "sit" "stay" "heel" etc are very important and not difficult to implant if done properly;

Pick a pecking order of command givers in your family and stick to it. Dogs are pack animals and look to the alpha male;

Get a good vet and stick with him or her if you can. They will give you good advice on nutrition, vaccinations etc and will get to know your dog's history. This is really important if special treatment is needed at any time;

Unless you plan to breed, have your dog neutered at about 6 months; he will not wander and will generally lose any aggressiveness he might have. If your dog is a female and un-neutered, you will have to lock her in when she's on heat!;

Cats, Dogs And Human Food - How Can Our Food Harm Our Pets?

We're all guilty of it - giving in to those big begging eyes pleading at us for a scrap from the table during dinner. Fido knows just how to get you to concede, and most of us justify that a little won't hurt, or we don't even think of the potential danger at all. But the truth is that human food can be harmful to your pet, and in some cases, can be fatal. It's important to know how certain foods can be unsafe so that you can avoid them for the sake of your animal.

Here is how a few of some of the most common "human foods" become harmful for pets:

Chocolate and other foods containing caffeine

Caffeine is one of the greatest culprits because it contains an alkaloid called theobromine. Theobromine acts as a cardiac stimulant and a diuretic, which in turn can cause a heart attack or other heart and nervous system problems in animals.

Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic are potentially harmful due to the fact that both contain thiosulphate, which can damage red blood cells and cause anemia in cats and dogs. Of the two, onions are the most toxic, as consumption of simply one serving by your pet could result in anemia.


Milk can harm your pet due to the fact that many dogs and cats tend to be lactose intolerant. The consumption of milk and milk products by a lactose intolerant pet creates a breeding ground for bacteria, causing vomiting and diarrhea.


Bones, although commonly known as a great treat for your dog, are potentially very dangerous for pets. Once eaten, bones can splinter and get stuck in the intestines, causing damage or fatality. In most splinter cases, the bones must be removed surgically.

Other Foods

Other human foods to avoid when feeding your pet are: macadamia nuts, potato peelings and green-looking potatoes, rhubarb leaves, moldy/spoiled foods, alcohol, yeast dough, tomato leaves and stems, broccoli, and raisins or grapes.

Some human foods potentially cause only mild digestive upsets, while others can be fatal. Regardless of the level of danger, the best choice for your pet is to keep him from any potentially harmful foods in order to ensure his health and safety.

During the holiday season, veterinary clinics have noticed a rising in the number of pets that they treat for food-related illnesses. The increase in pet illness is due to the fact that animals are partaking in human foods during mealtime. Although not well known by the public, the consumption of human food to pets is potentially harmful to animals, and in some instances, can be fatal.

The rise in food-related illnesses by pets is a clear indication that the dangers of human food consumption by animals are not understood by the masses.

So, the next time your pet looks up at you with those pleading eyes, show him you care by doing what is truly best for him and feeding him only products meant for pet consumption. In the end, both you and your pet will be glad that you did.

Obedience Coaching For Your Canine

There are canine that do not have unhealthy behaviors, and even when their homeowners are trying arduous to tech them to obey some easy instructions, these dogs are hardheaded. Chances are high, many owners would just dump them to canine pounds as a result of they are already fed up, and will no longer perceive the habits anymore.

This stuff ought to have been averted if obedience training was used and implemented. Largely obedience training in canine is used to create a groundwork from which the dog and his grasp will discover ways to successfully correspond to each other.

Moreover, obedience training can be employed by canine owners whose canine are behaving badly. It's one way of incorporating self-discipline in the dog's behavior. This sort of training makes him realize that certain behaviors are not allowed and that he mustn't act that way.

When obedience coaching is integrated to a dog's conduct, the canine, in flip, will be able to respond correctly with the correct habits that's expected of him to manifest.

Consequently, many canine homeowners are wondering whether or not it could be better if professional ought to handle their canine's obedience training. Normally, it needs knowledgeable coach or an obedience school to show the proper option to observe a command. Nevertheless, if the canine owner feels he can just do the same, then, there is no particular condition for that matter.

Nevertheless, whether the obedience training is completed at dwelling, by a professional coach, or in an obedience faculty, there are issues that should be thought of when incorporating this type of training. Here is a list of the issues that must be taken into account.

1. Enjoyable

Obedience coaching does not necessarily mean that strict rules ought to be imposed. It is because the canine is not conscious of the the explanation why he needs to be trained. Therefore, for him to answer the commands, the training should be done in such a manner that the canine sees the activity as something that's fun.

The dog would be capable of reply positively if he sees that every time he follows what he is asked to do, he will get rewards or praises, and that's having fun for them.

2. Consistency

In the course of the course of obedience coaching, it is actually essential to have consistency within the training. For example, if a canine was allowed to sit on the rug the other day and when the dog tried to take a seat on the rug at present, he was scolded. Issues like these should not be taken for granted. This can be very necessary to show the canines what he should and shouldn't do and keep on with it. Confusion will solely make the issues worst.

3. Obedience training instructor/coach

When folks choose to enroll their canine in an obedience class, you will need to analyze the trainer earlier than the owner leaves his dog. The character and character of the trainer is extremely important. They should be professional enough to know the right way to deal with the dog's behavior and how you can practice them properly.

4. Referrals

It is best not to strive new and unfamiliar obedience training schools. This may very well be actually dangerous both for you and in your dog. It will be better if canine homeowners will ask for some referrals from their veterinarians, dog breeders, or other people who can give their sincere opinions.

5. Prices

Not all obedience training colleges are created equal. They vary relying on the kind of providers that they offer. Due to this fact, it is best to think about the amount of fees that they supply and the dog homeowners ought to know how to analyze if the costs are worth it.

6. Strategies used within the coaching

It's highly advisable that dog homeowners should ponder first on the form of methods being used in the training. It is because some obedience coaching colleges don't use the suitable technique in training the dog. On this manner, canine owners don't get the outcomes that they'd paid for within the end.

Indeed, obedience coaching could be very helpful in fulfilling many of the canine's essential needs. It offers them one thing to direct their abilities and actions thereby making them reliable and completely happy pets.

Most individuals simply don't know this but one of many reasons why canine behave inappropriately is as a result of they don't have the correct path to guide their actions and that they're confused on how to reply appropriately with the environmental and social variables that they encounter.

With obedience coaching, canine will certainly be on their technique to happier and more enjoyable stick with their masters and the folks round them.

Feline Hyperthyroidism Prognosis

The pets are really our best friends but the question is, can we be there for them, as well. There is the time when our dog or cat needs us more than anything in the world and their fragile health condition can be a real problem sometimes. The hyperthyroidism is a very usual disease your cat can have, mostly after seven years of life.

Older cats don't have very strong immunity and years can really mark them in the worst way. Before the vet tries to treat this disease, it's important to think about feline hyperthyroidism prognosis and to be realistic about things that might happen.

1. Continuing the normal life - luckily, this disease can be treated today and the feline hyperthyroidism prognosis is generally great. You may choose do you want your cat to take medications forever, is it better allow the surgery or you think the radioactive iodine may be the best option. The thing is, this is very hard decision to make, and it depends not only of your budget, but also of other health issues your cat may have.

2. Recovery with no guarantees - your cat may start taking medications regularly, but negative feline hyperthyroidism prognosis can stay the same. In these cases, some symptoms may disappear, and others even increase, but that is the risk everyone must take. On the other side, there are cases when treatments must be repeated, mostly surgery that was not completely successful because of other health issues.

3. Fatal results - it some cases, the cats are just too sick or too old for any intervention. These interventions can also cause some further problems; for example, this kind of treatment can cause the kidney disease since the blood flow through the kidneys is increased and then, they can stop functioning normally. Older cats may not even handle the surgery or maybe they would not react to medications at all; in some cases, the heart failure may happen because of very strong and demanding treatment.

There is nothing one can do it order to prevent their cat from facing this disease, but the feline hyperthyroidism prognosis can make everyone realize that this can be very serious condition, and treatment is necessary, in one way or another. On the other hand, every surgery has some risks that must be taken, but results may be even better. The crucial thing is that you must organize follow-up blood and diagnostic test schedules for your cat if you want a wonderful time with her in the future.

Cat Furniture for Your Feline Companion

Having a pet as cute as a cat is everyone's desire! There would be many of you who might have recently adopted a feline friend, if so then the most basic lesson for you is to understand their untold needs to become the best cat owner. There are a lot of needs which your cute feline friend requires to get fulfilled, except feeding. Cats are generally notorious by nature and when it comes to climbing here and there, this is what they just love!

Are you tired of seeing your catty climbing here and there in your house or setting on the kitchen counter or refrigerator? If yes, then this is the time to bring a cat furniture home! Well you might be unaware but your feline loves vertical spaces and need an appropriate place to climb. Cat furniture is specially designed to address the instinctual needs of cats. Cat furniture is a best gift which you can buy for your kitty as it can actually help relieve your funny friend's stress which they may perhaps developed while sharing a space with unfamiliar persons.

There are a lot of attractive options such as a cat tree, which you can bring home to please your cat. It can be said that height is one of the major aspect which defines the life of your feline friend. The cat trees can provide a lot of benefits to your cat from marking its territory to daily exercise routine and relieving stress. This will also let your cat to relish hours of playing leisure as well.

Along with a cat tree, you can also select the option to buy an alluring cat condo. Cat condos furniture comes in different shapes and sizes along with being a toy for your kitty it can also protect your house-hold furniture from cat scratching. Different levels, setting or snoozing area on the cat furniture can make climbing a tempting experience for your cat. You can opt for cat furniture as per the requirements of your feline companion.

Cat condos furniture comes in different shapes and sizes along with being a toy for your kitty it can also protect your house-hold furniture from cat scratching. Different levels, setting or snoozing area on the cat furniture can make climbing a tempting experience for your cat. You can opt for cat furniture as per the requirements of your feline companion.

There are a many manufactures from whom you can buy high-quality cat furniture. One such manufactures is Playtime Workshop, where you can find a wide variety of extrusive handmade cat furniture.

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