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The Greatest Place For Your Pets

Affordable pet boarding doesn't seem like it would be a very hard thing to find--as simply one of the many items on your to-do list before you head off for a much needed vacation, finding affordable pet boarding for your dogs and cats may understandably fall to a last minute arrangement. After all, finding a pet resort is not more important than finding the resort you want to stay at for your vacation!

Unfortunately, as most pet owners who have searched out affordable pet housing facilities in the past know, finding a pet boarding facility is not as easy as you'd think. Many facilities are outrageously priced, banking on those last minute travelers who have no choice but to pay for their procrastination, and not always even a place you'd like your pet to stay. While people are always looking for pet housing, finding a "cheap place" to stick your pet while you go on vacation often has horror story connotations. Pet resort nightmares are limitless, and myths percolate rampantly about the 'bad' places.

Pet resort horror stories include boarding a dog or cat at a location that turns out to have unsanitary conditions; a pet resort with insecure grounds (which is more than problematic for escape-prone pets); a pet resort unregulated vaccinations-- where a pet could contract fleas, kennel cough, or worse; a pet resort that keep pets caged all day; a pet resort that doesn't monitor playtime and allow for big, dangerous dogs to play with-- and potentially injure-- little dogs; and even pet resorts where females in heat are allowed to play with in-neutered male dogs, to name a few. Finding an affordable pet boarding facility that is still a quality operation is the ideal find for every pet owner, and we know that the "perfect place" is hard to find.

Every responsible pet owner wants to do everything they can to prevent unexpected pregnancies, escapes, and illnesses for their pets while they are away on vacation, so choosing a trustworthy, affordable pet boarding facility is paramount. Unfortunately, as previously mentioned, not all companies are very affordable and the good ones fill up fast. We are a pet boarding facility where boarding a dog or cat won't cost you an arm and a leg, but it is an affordable pet boarding facility where you can rest assured that your pet will be able to play, sleep, and eat in safety and enjoyment. Our pet boarding facility closely monitors the vaccination records of every pet allowed onto our premises, and female dogs in heat are carefully segregated in girls-only play groups.

At our affordable pet boarding facility, we have never had an unplanned pregnancy and escapes are extremely rare. Precautions at our pet resort for breakouts are extreme. Our affordable pet housing facility has a six foot chain link fence that is cemented into the ground and has a curved top that goes around the entire facility, making jumping over or digging out nearly impossible. Our pet resort includes a doggy swimming pool, indoor and outdoor play areas, spacious pet condos for sleeping, and the most sanitary facility in the Amarillo, Texas area.

In addition to our excellent boarding programs and clean, affordable pet boarding facilities, a couple of the most attractive qualities about our camp are that we have a large facility that can usually accommodate last minuteboarders, and we have a very affordable pet boarding program. Depending on the size of your animal, our nightly prices range from 18 to 30 dollars per night--more than 50% less than some of our competitors. For more information on affordable pet housing vacation rates, policies, and cat and dog programs available through us, please visit our website.

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