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How To Keep Your Dog Cool In The Summer

Summer is a time for fun - swimming, picnics, baseball games, and playing with your dog in your newly mowed lawn. The only downside to summer is the heat! For us humans it's easy to keep a tall glass of lemonade around or crank the air conditioning up to keep us cool during these months.

But our pets don't often have it so easy. It can be miserable for your dog to be stuck in the heat for long periods of time with no way to keep cool. While it's obviously preferable to keep your best friend indoors when the weather gets hot, sometimes it's not practical.

If you absolutely have to keep your dog outside during these hot months, then there are a few simple things you can do to keep your dog safe and cool. You DON'T want to forget these tips - they are absolutely essential.

First off, make sure your dog has plenty of shade. You can build a simple pavilion out of scrap wood and a tarp if there is no other shade source. Shade can make a big difference!

Also, make sure your dog has lots of cool water. They make great water bowls now that can be hooked up to a hose and that continually refills the bowl when the water level drops below a certain point. It's great because your dog will never run out of cool water!

Another super way to keep your dog cool is to give him access to a kiddie pool filled with water, but this is only for dogs that like the water and are able to swim. Remember: safety first! Don't do this if you have a small, short-legged dog that could drown in the pool.

Finally, and one of the best ways to keep your pet cool during the summer, you can get your dog a cooling dog bed (also known as a dog cooling mat).

The cooling dog bed (or dog cooling mat) is a great way to make sure your dog stays comfortable in that blistering summer heat. And if you are looking for a cheap dog bed, a cooling dog bed or dog cooling mat usually don't cost too much and works great besides that. They require NO electricity but simply work by dispersing the water inside the dog cooling mat when they lay down, providing a cool, dry place to sleep. They're made out of a tough nylon material as well so that claws won't puncture when the dogwalks across them. Cooling dog beds are a great way to keep your favorite pet from suffering in the hot summer sun. These dog cooling mats are also great for dogs that have just gotten back from playing outside or taking a doggie walk.

Remember to always follow these tips when your dog is outside in the summer. In the end however, the best way to keep your dog cool is to keep him indoors when the heat is too much!

Learn more about cooling dog beds at You'll discover many different types of dog cooling mats and cooling dog beds for your pet.

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Thanks for posting this. It really is so important for people to understand. Dogs just want to please, and often times do not know when to stop, and therefore can succumb to heat very quickly, without warning. As a pet photographer in Florida, I have to be very creative with photographing dogs in the summer. I also often see people running with their dogs in the summer and fall heat down here...a recipe for disaster. Thanks again for the great article. I hope it has reached far and wide!

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