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Amazing Functions Of Cat Collars

Most cat owners fail to realize the many additional benefits cat collars provide. First and foremost they are use for identification purposes and aesthetic value, however they can also be used as a resource to improve the health and behavior of your cat too. Choosing and purchasing a collar for your feline friend can be one of the kindest things you can do for your cat.

There are two types of collar that improve safety for your cat; these are called break-away and reflective. Break-away collars are used if you're the collar gets stuck on something, such as a branch. If this happens then the collar simply breaks when enough force is applied. This helps to prevent neck injuries or asphyxiation of your cat. To improve the safety of your cat, you can use two types of collars, break-away and reflective. Reflective collars are used to reflect streetlights and car lights at night. Unfortunately thousands of cats are hit and killed by cars every single year. A reflective collar makes your cat that much more visible to motorists, which could potentially save its life.

If you have a pet kitten or cat you will be well aware of the flea problems they often bring home. Cats can catch fleas from other animals, from the ground or even from your own home if your cat has had a previous infestation. Fleas are amazingly tolerant animals, and their eggs can remain in furniture or the carpet for weeks. Fleas can have serious health affects on your pet. An untreated flea infestation can cause serious skin conditions for your cat, but also fleas transmit a tapeworm that can infect your cat's digestive system.

This is where collars once again come in useful as a weapon against fleas. Flea collars emit a toxic substance that kills any fleas that have taking up residence in your pets fur. This type of collar is an excellent defense, however it should be used in addition to other methods when ridding your pet of fleas. If you do decide to get a flea collar then it is important to research which brands are safe for your pet. Your vet will recommend a safe and effective flea collar for your cat.
Finally collars can be used to alter the negative behaviors in your pet. Erratic or aggressive behavior can be a sign of stress or fear in your cat. Great methods to relax your cat are pheromone collars. These collars make your cat feel calm and at ease. Again you should research carefully which collar is the most suitable for your pet.

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