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Dog Training Techniques For Beginners

Let's face it, training a dog to obey you isn't a piece of cake. If you're new dog owner, you will definitely find yourself frustrated when your dog seems to be lethargic and uncooperative.

When it comes to dog training, there are tons of techniques out there. Many of these techniques are built on ideas that have been implemented by many dog owners for so many years. But whichever training procedure you choose, always remember that it requires spending quality time with your dog. Training your dog will be useless if you don't build a good rapport and strong bond with him.

Below are some dog training techniques for beginners that you can follow:

Don't Yell.
Many beginners face difficulties in getting their dogs follow what they command. Well don't be impatient. It takes time and practice before you can fully understand your dog's behavior and establish a good relationship with him. When you're commanding him, the tone of your voice matters a lot. It must be firm but non-threatening. Remember, you need to establish who is the authority or leader in the right way. You will not be able to establish dominance by yelling at your dog. It will have a bad impact on him.

Praise Your Dog.
You need to do possible reinforcement techniques on your dog. Praising him during training sessions is the most effective method to successfully train your k9. Dogs have feelings too, so they can pretty much understand the difference between right and wrong. Without the proper reinforcement, your dog will have a hard time understanding the difference between these two.

Start Early.
For better results, it is advised that you train your dog between the age of 3 to 16 weeks. Experts day that it is the best time to start training your canine. It is during this age when the bond between the dog and the owner will take hold.

Reward Him.
Rewarding your dog for being obedient is also one of the most important dog training techniques for beginners. A simple reward can go a long way. When your dog successfully executed your command, give him a dog treat. You can also show your gratitude by saying "good job!" When giving treats, keep them in small amounts, so as not to fill your dog's tummy when he is in a dog agility training session.

Practice Makes Perfect.
Training your dog to be obedient doesn't happen overnight. Your dog needs to practice a lot. Be patient and repeat the exercise many times until he gets it right. You need to include the training session with your k9 in your daily and weekly activities.

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Jack said... on 

Maybe try a new trick? Or try this: make sure your cat has mastered the sit trick and when he sits give him his treat but then move it a bit closer and out front of his paws so he has to crane his head and bend his front legs to get it. Do this many times while gradually moving down and out more. Never try to go striaght from standing to lying. Good luck!

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