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Canine Acne Treatment

Dogs, similar to human beings, can get acne too. It is a common infection among dogs that is caused by bacteria or allergic reactions to food, medicine, chemicals and other elements. Normally, it can be seen as bumps on a dog's chin. A dog suffering from canine acne has swellings and scabs on his skin. Dog breeds that are usually affected by this disease are short-coated canines such as bulldog, boxers and doberman pinschers.

Although canine acne is just a minor problem, this disease can develop into severe infections. Acne in dogs cannot be totally be eradicated, but rather controlled. Here are some canine acne treatment methods that you can do:

To control the formation of acne in your dog's skin, you need to determine some predisposing factors such as underlying dog allergies. Different dog breeds react to certain kinds of food and product, so you better avoid them.

Another effective canine acne treatment is regular cleaning. You can use anti-acne solutions such as Benzoyl Peroxide or mild anti-seborrheic soap or shampoo to minimize the bacterial load of the skin and eradicate cellular debris that block the pores of your dog. Proper dog grooming is an effective way to control canine acne. Hair should be removed with scissors to allow discharges to distributed further in your dog's skin.

For severe cases of canine acne, take your dog to the vet for proper medication. Usually, your dog will need to take antibiotics for 3-4 weeks. If your dog scratches his face a lot, an anti-inflammatory medicine will help alleviate the discomfort.

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