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Dog Prostatitis Treatment & Symptoms

Dog prostatitis is a disease common in male dogs characterized by the inflammation of a gland near the urinary bladder or prostate gland. It may develop by hematogenous spread of bacteria or by extension from the urinary tract and may either be acute or chronic.

There are various dog prostatitis treatment methods that veterinarians recommend to solve this problem. Since this canine disease is caused by bacterial infection, it is usually controlled by medications and antibiotics. Vets often choose an antibiotic based on the likelihood it will work for prostate infection. Antibiotics are typically given for a minimum 4 weeks. If the antibiotic drug seems futile, insisting on a culture is another recommended dog prostatitis treatment. In the case of acute prostatitis, intravenous fluids may be required. Neutering will probably not help much but it may be helpful if chronic dog prostatitis is present.

Prostatitis in male dogs can also be treated or prevented if you neutere your dog while he’s still young. If dog prostatitis symptoms are determined, diagnostic testing needs to be done to establish a dog prostatitis treatment course that is most appropriate. Remember, prostatic infection is very fatal and can lead to death so it must be dealt with immediately.

So how will you determine if you dog is suffering from dog prostatitis? Below are are some of dog prostatitis symptoms. You will know if your canine friend has prostatitis and needs to be checked by the vet if you see any of these signs:

1. Fever
2. Arched back due to pain
3. Dripping pus or blood from the penis or urine
4. Pollakiuria related to urinary tract infection (UTI)
5. Stiff back legs
6. Short intermittent spurt
7. Lack of appetite

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