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Dog Fences: Types and Benefits

There are various reasons why you should put up a dog fence. Besides the flair it can add to your yard, a pet fence, be it in the form of wood, vinyl, chain or metal, is beneficial for safety and security purposes. But whichever fencing system you choose, there are certain types that will best harmonize with your garden or landscape. By installing the right dog-proof fence, you will be assured that your k9 stays safe all the time even if you're not around to monitor him.

Below are a few common types of dog fences and their benefits:

Wood Dog Fence
This kind of fencing system is traditionally used as a decorative fence to provide privacy and set boundaries for your dogs. You can paint it in whatever colors you desire.

Chain Link Fence
This is one of the cheapest types of dog enclosure. You can buy long rolls of chain link fences at a very low price these days.

Vinyl Dog Fence
Vinyl dog fence is a new and maintenance-free type of fencing. It can usually be bought in forms similar to both wood and rail fencing. Vinyl fences will not fade even during the harshest weather condition.

Electronic Dog Fence
This is a good choice who wants a pet containment without any visible sign of a fence. An electronic dog fence comes with a boundary wire, a transmitter and a dog collar. You can form the fence into shapes you want. As compared to wood fences, an underground fence is less expensive and easier to install!

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