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Dog Constipation Treatment

It's easy to determine if your beloved dog is suffering from constipation. If you observe that your k9 is having a hard time and looks in pain when trying to pass feces, he might be suffering from this illness. The presence of hard and dry stools is a also sign of dog constipation. Just like in humans, constipation in dogs is commonly due to dietary issues. The lack of fibers in the diet is among them. Ingested solid objects such as bones can also disrupt your k9's digestive system, resulting to constipation.

Having said that, the best dog constipation treatment is to change your dog's diet. Feed him with nutritious foods that are natural and high in fiber. Increase your dog's fiber consumption can help in fighting constipation. Try adding some oat bran on top of his dog food. Anywhere from half a teaspoon to 2 tablespoons is good enough depending on the size and weight of your dog.

You can also give him two teaspoons of canned pumpkin every day or a tablespoon of mineral oil to help make his bowel movements more regular. A fresh supply of water can also solve dog constipation.

Another dog constipation treatment which can help soften his dog poop is by adding psyllium to the dog's diet. Half a teaspoon of this medicine 2x day, plus plenty of water, will be very helpful. You can also buy some herbal supplements that are invented to cure dog constipation. Among the components found in these herbal medicines include aloe ferox, psyllium husk, and natrium mariaticum.

Besides making some changes in your dog's diet, you must also increase the amount of exercise your dog gets. Regular dog exercise helps a lot in keeping the bowels more regular. Dogs need to be walked twice a day while maintaining a well-balance, high-fiber diet.

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