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Types of Dog Leash

Most dog owners underestimate what a dog leash can do for their beloved pooch. They fail to understand that dog leashes are more than just straps or accessories made from nylon or leather, but rather essential tools designed to control your dog and correct his negative behaviors. It can also give you and your k9 a less stress-free and comfortable lifestyle.

Nowadays, you can buy dog leashes made from various materials with luxurious styles and fashionable designs. Here are some of the common types of dog leash:

Nylon dog training collar is popular because of its high melting points, excellent clarity and stiffness. Another type of dog leash is the retractable dog leash. This type of pet leash, which has adjustable features, is commonly used to increase your dog’s confidence. By using it, your dog will have the freedom to roam around wherever and whenever he wants to. Since a retractable dog leash varies in length and features, you can use in many different ways.

A leather dog leash is also a popular choice for dog owners because it look stylish. For this design of leash, the ideal length is usually about six feet to give enough length for your k9 to roam with great deal of control.

There is also a bungee dog leash. This type of pet leash maintains tension through the length of the 6-foot leash so that there is less pulling on your arm as you run outside or walk in the park. Given the bungee takes up the slack, you will prevent the leash from tripping up your k9’s paws.

You can also purchase a hands-free dog leash. This type is highly convenient especially for pet owners who are always busy. The state of the art design of this leash will allow you to walk in the park with your dog without using your bare hands to assist him and walk along with you.

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