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Cat Ear Infection Treatment

Chronic ear infection is a common health problem among cats that needs to be consulted with the veterinarian. One of the most prevalent feline ear infections is called “otitis externa” or the inflammation of the external ear canal. This kind of infection must be examined carefully for it might be a sign of more serious issues such as polyps, ear mites and even tumors. But there’s no reason to be anxious for this can be resolved, prevented and cured with the proper care, medicine and consultation with your vet.

A cat suffering from otitis externa has an external ear canal filled with fluid and debris. Depending on how bad the infection is, a diagnosis may either need a simple ear cleaning technique or very thorough ear-cleaning under anesthesia.

So how can you determine if your cat has an infected ear? The answer lies in the behavior of your feline pet. Most cats with infected or inflamed ears look and act uncomfortable. They often scratch their ears with their paws as well as shake their heads all time. You can also notice that your pet looks irritated and has a lop-sided appearance because of the painful ear.

You can save your cat a great deal of discomfort if you have her or him checked by the vet. You must do that to avoid other possible dangers from happening caused by ear infection if not cured immediately. Cats who scratch their heads relentlessly may break small blood vessels within the external ear flap, resulting to dramatic swelling.

Treatment for otitis externa in cats may be as simple as applying a few drops of ear medicine, in liquid form, prescribed by your vet, or as involved as pursuing the root of an allergy or addressing an underlying illness. Since the causes differ, cat ear infection treatment also varies. Your veterinarian will advice a treatment plan targeted specifically for your cat.

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