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How To Prevent Canine Heartworms

Heartworms among dogs are a very dangerous form of pet infestation that takes up residence in the heart of your canine. It can lead to serious and fatal illnesses such as seizures, lameness, and even loss of sight. Vital internal organs such as lungs, liver and kidneys will also be affected if this disease is not solved immediately. So if you don’t want your pet shorten his life span, better act now to solve and prevent dog heartworms!

The common sign of canine heartworms is when your dog suffers from habitual soft cough. Do not dismiss this cough and take him to the veterinarian for tests. Commonly, radiographs on dogs are done to detect the presence of heart worms in the heart and lungs. This X-ray test can also look into the amount of internal damage caused by heart worms.

There are many ways to prevent canine heartworms infestation. It can be prevented by the use of medicines such as ivermectin tablets or liquid ivermectin. Your dog must intake such drugs once a month for better results.There is also a drug called diethylcarbamazine which is given daily.

Such medicines are very effective in killing parasites and heart worms and eliminating larvae of the worms before they reach the heart.

Mosquito control is also one of the best ways to break the transmission cycle of heartworm diseases. Veterinarians advise the implementation of a heart worm prevention program which includes various strategies in guarding your household against the mosquitos. You should keep your dogs away from places infested by mosquitos which carry harmful bacteria and eggs of heartworms.

The application of insect repellents on your dog all especially when he goes outdoor will be of great help to hamper the infestation of canine heartworms.

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